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Whether you’re recovering from a stroke, illness or injury; are a member of our long-term care or memory care communities; or are a family caregiver looking for a respite program, we encourage you to explore what people are saying about our community:

Jeffrey Davis

I so much appreciate the staff. When coming in to visit several residents the staff is always helpful in meeting their needs

T. H.

My brother has been here for the last 2 years, I just went to visit him on Christmas. I have to say the staff is very kind to everyone even to those who can get out of line. I was super impressed!! I have been in a nursing home myself for some time and know first hand what happens inside nursing homes. The most important thing is that the staff really care. They really want to do the best for the patients. There was a group he needed they formed a group for activities and tailored it to him. He’s sooo happy!! Everyone is constantly checking to make sure everyone is safe.The most important thing is the thoughtfulness the staff puts in to the patients, it’s clearly coming from the corporate management all the way to the floor nurses. Well done. I Highly recommend this place.

Mark S.

Amazing staff. I feel as if my mother built a relationship with several staff member, and as she The staff at the facility is very nice and was very knowledgeable. The transition when moving my family member over was done very easily. The residents I spoke with as well were a great reference for how happy they were.

Dylan Cramer

Very caring and loving staff who takes the time and effort to sit down and play games with individuals in the memory care unit. We are always given nothing but smiles and well wishes!

Brandi Straka

My father went into this facility for skilled services, with my family knowing he would most likely go home on hospice. Unfortunately, he never made it home and passed at the facility. I cannot express enough how caring, wonderful, compassionate, and hardworking the staff at Swanton are! I don’t know what I would have done without them in his final days!

Jim Smith

You often see stories on the news about bad nursing facilities, well it is time they did one on a great one like Swanton Valley. The staff really cares about the residents,.Most of the time they come before you rung the buzzer for help. I have yet to find one thing wrong with the place yet during the three weeks I have been here. The other facility I was at it was minutes before I found a problem with there.

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