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Subacute Rehab 

At Swanton Valley, we’re raising the standards of inpatient and outpatient therapy services with state-of-the-art therapy equipment and techniques  including RESTORE-Skills and ACP modalities.


Need post-surgery care? 

Recovering from an illness?


Our results-driven subacute rehab program 

is ideally equipped to meet your needs!

Subacute Rehab - Swanton Valley - 7 Days A Week


Elevating the Rehab Experience


We believe that rehab is a critical contributor to improved outcomes and long term success for our patients and residents. That’s why our licensed and experienced therapists are so important to our team. Working with our doctors, specialists and skilled nurses, our subacute rehab therapists develop an outcome-based plan for each patient that covers the full continuum of care – from the moment you arrive, to the time you’re discharged, and when you’re back at home.

We encourage you to see our excellent rehab facility for yourself.

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Specialized programming for:







Making Transitions Easier


To ensure you’re fully prepared to return home, we offer a practice ADL suite  featuring a model kitchen and bath  where you’ll relearn the activities of daily living (ADLs).We provide comprehensive discharge planning, as well as patient and family education, to make sure you continue moving forward and avoid setbacks once you’re back home.


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